• Why I Became An Antitheist / Atheist
    I grew up in a very catholic family. Church every Sunday, CCD, prayer meetings, youth group meetings, religious outings, etc. I was about 10 years old when I started questioning things, and really feeling like the religious thing didn’t make sense. Especially when after asking my mother, and several other elders within my family, difficult … Read more
  • Five Important Factors to Consider When Hiring Sales Employees
    There are many things to consider when beginning a campaign to hire sales employees, whether for inside or outside sales.  In my professional experience, the five factors discussed in this essay are at the core of the hiring process.  Some of these aspects could be broken down even further into several additional categories; however I … Read more
  • Article Rewrite – Commercial Leasing C3.0 – for HireWriters.com
    ARTICLE REWRITE – HIRE WRITERS COMMERCIAL LEASING C3.0 In general, the term commercial leasing either refers to renting equipment, such as computers and hardware or heavy construction equipment; or commercial real estate, such as an industrial building or retail space.  The types of leases that are written for these purposes are inherently different respective to … Read more
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