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Business experience came early for Matthew, as he started his first business at 13 years old. It was a landscaping business called “Home Landscape Designs,” and it was successful through his delayed entry program in the United States Air Force at 17 years old. In the year 2001, Matthew earned is AETC Associates Certificate in Criminal Justice. His original goal was to pursue a career in law enforcement in the US Marshals Service, but when he applied for a position with them they did not feel he had enough experience. After being turned down, Matthew had some other experiences that caused him question his career path and he made the decision to no longer pursue the law enforcement field, and that turned out in the end to be a good thing.

After coming home from the service, being a musician and an artist, Matthew rejoined the remaining members of his long time band. Shortly after that, he was offered a position in a new band. He decided to make up some artwork and a website as advertising, and it didn’t take long for other bands to begin asking him to for their own custom designs as well. In October of 2001, Matthew started his second business, PBPT Services, Graphics and Designs. The first services offered were website designs, marketing material designs, and digital graphic designs. In March of 2002, at just 20 years old, Matthew’s first child was born, a daughter.

Early in the year 2003, business was struggling, so Matthew decided to go back to school. Having grown up catholic, and always having an interest in history and religion he enrolled in the distance learning program with Colorado University Online at Boulder, majoring in Religious Studies. Regardless of how successful his business endeavors might be his ultimate desire was to teach Religion in the college setting. The advanced studies courses allowed Matthew to double up on his class load and earn his Bachelor’s Degree by the end of 2006, and subsequently earned his Master’s Degree in Religion with a concentration Minor in Psychology and Counseling in May of 2008. This did not come without troubles, as he had to ask for two extensions to complete his thesis on time. While in college, the vast majority of his electives were spent in business and technology classes. Due to his persistent love for technology, Matthew has also pursued certificates and training in the Microsoft setting, as well as other software. In 2006, Matthew earned a certification in Kubotech KeyCreator software, as well as course certificates in SolidWorks and Chief Architect. Since 2007, Matthew has earned his Microsoft Office Master Certification, and become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified IT Professional. In 2010, Matthew decided to terminate renewing his Microsoft certificates because they were not proving as fruitful as they once did in the private sector.

In the year 2008, after receiving his degree, he felt his company needed to be reestablished. With his new certifications and training, there were other services he could now offer. Therefore, he renamed his company RFX , and business soon came pouring in. With the economy on the downfall, companies were outsourcing more and more work to cut labor costs. Companies also felt a need to enhance their web presence in order to draw in more business. At the end of 2008, Matthew’s second child, a son, was born just before Christmas. After a short lull in 2009, the year 2010 proved to be a banner year for RFX. Matthew hired an executive team, and they collectively decided to generalize the company with a more generic name, IPS. This proved to be a solid decision because in November 2011, VIT Services purchased the company for their name, accounts and services. Matthew then started a company simply consulting in website development, technology, business, sales and training, focusing on reducing the costs of technology for small and medium sized companies. In the summer of 2011, Matthew’s third child, another son, was born.

Although they’ve been together ten years, Matthew and his wife finally married in 2019 after a five year engagement. In 2015, they started a company together, HCP, as an investment vehicle to fund startup companies in manufacturing with reclaimed materials, online retail, real estate, vacation properties, and tiny homes. Matthew has always maintained his businesses, and a full time job. He has held executive technology and sales positions in the fitness industry for a number of years, as well as for companies such as CompuTech Enterprises, DealerBay Direct, and presently with HCP and HCC as Vice President of Technology and Sales, and Chief Information Officer.

In 2017, Matthew decided to embark on the journey of game streaming and writing as a career. Given his past working experience, and his fairly eventful life in general, Matthew feels as though he is capable of drawing from that to produce quality content for various online mediums, and also writing and reviewing books and short stories, as well as local businesses and organizations. Matthew is even in the process of writing a fictional novel, and runs the company out of Garden City, ID with his fiancé and dog, a ten year old German Shepheradore.