“A remarkably compelling, mind-bending retelling of our greatest fear as humans, things that go bump in the night. This time their real.”

“Forget the universe.  In this existence, there must be balance.  And that is exactly what everyone and everything containing matter in this world has, regardless of what we recognize as consciousness…a balanced existence.  It can be thought of no other way.  The actuality of, and the inherent nature ruling over that balance is energy.  Consistently interrupted one way and the other, reestablishing balance with each change of course.  Like the dangling of a pendulum, swaying ever lower towards and amongst life.  One way positive, one way negative.  One way light, one way dark.  One way is a path of life, the other a different path of life.  Always different.  Lowered slowly, it ventures ever closer towards the table in the middle.  With only solitude, a gradual death.  Decisions change lives.  A random event is capable of changing lives.  A decision or event that changes someone life can be inspiring, just the same as it can be dreadfully sad.  With a wide range of emotions in between, the strength in the swing of that pendulum is entirely dependent on the composition of the energy expelled during whatever actions takes place.”     
                                                                                                                               ~ Matthew Tenebre

Something was wrong, and he knew it. The tone of her voice. He instinctually leaned forward in his chair. “Of course. What happened, Miala? What’s wrong?”

It just came out. And she regretted it immediately. “Would you say something? If you saw a ghost?”

Landon leaned back, surprised. “A ghost…” Raising his eyebrows, he just couldn’t pull together anything to say. “Jeez, Mia, I don…Are you serious, or is this like a…?”

Mia just stood up. She knew she shouldn’t have said anything. Trying to brush it off, she said, “Never mind, I don’t know why that came out. I’m definitely getting a cup of that fruit that I got from Mom and Dad’s house, do you want some?”

Her voice was just a muffled sound in his head. He could picture the knife as though it was still floating right in front of him, concrete stiff and cold. The tip, grazing his cheek as he looked away, pinning his head against the cabinet. His entire body shook as he tried to keep still. There was no body behind the life; no person, and no sound other than the faint sound of laughter in the distance. Children, perhaps. It sounded like one of them said his name.

“Landon?!” He heard Mia yell, and it jolted him.

“What? What? What happened?” He said, trying to shake off the goosebumps.

“You okay there, Chachi? Jeez. Do…you…want…some fucking fruit?” She asked, teasing him.

He suddenly felt a sense of relief as he looked at her. It took so long for him to answer that she just sighed, and went to turn around. “I think I also…” He paused, just for a moment. “I think I also had a ghost in my house.” A statement that seemed to carry a steely echo. “Last night.”