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Product Review – Coleman 2000016598 Hampton Camping Tent



When camping, you want to make sure that your accommodations provide not only protection from the elements, but also a certain level of comfortability. The Coleman 2000016598 Hampton 6 Person 13 ft. by 7 ft. Camping Tent sets up in 20 minutes or less, and it can fit up to two queen size airbeds for maximum comfort. The ability to stand in the tent makes a huge difference as well, with a 6′ 7″ center height, and the spacious interior gives you and all of your friends the ability to move around as needed without having to constantly crawl over one another, a common complaint among tent campers. The room divider inside the tent is a great feature for some privacy, which is especially handy when changing or when some friends are sleeping while others are not. Included with it is the WeatherTec System, which covers the tent and keeps everyone and their belongings dry. This also ties the tent down tightly to the ground, instead of only relying upon tent stakes. The door to the tent is far easier to use with the patented hinge system, allowing it to open and close similar to a typical household door. This allows very easy in and out access for all campers. It resembles a small hut, and although it has a great amount of interior space, the footprint that it takes up is not huge so as not to use up valuable real estate on small camping sites. The windows zip open and close with both a screen, and a water tight layer. This allows you to let air flow through, which is especially handy when you have 6 people camping in one tent. It can get warm, and stuffy, so being able to open windows and let some of that beautiful, clean, fresh mountain air in is a huge benefit.

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