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Product Review – Little Giant 17′ & 22′ Multi-Purpose Ladders


Whether you are a homeowner, a business owner, or even just live in an apartment with high ceilings, you’ll find this ladder useful. Nearly everyone has been in a position where they need a straight ladder, an adjustable ladder, an extendable ladder, scaffolding, you name it. And using a ladder on stairs is never fun on a regular ladder. The Little Giant Multi-Purpose ladders are considered articulating A-frames, and have 33 possible configurations for nearly every type of use imaginable. It will even conform to allow it stand straight up and secure on stairs. With wide flared legs there is better weight distribution so the ladder sits sturdier, and is less likely to sink into the ground. The rubberized feet prevent the ladder from slipping on smooth surfaces, and also from scratching expensive floors and materials. The high quality, aluminum constructions gives the ladder a 300lb weight capacity, plenty for the average bear. With either ladder being well under 40lbs in weight, they are not bad on the back when you are forced to carry them. However, for those that are unable to carry the ladder or don’t feel comfortable doing so, the built in tip-and-glide wheels will help you maneuver the ladder around with ease by rolling it where you need to go. Anyone at any age can use the Little Giant, and feel comfortable when using it. After using it to scratch one of those items off the “honey-do” list, it will quickly become your primary tool when having to reach those high-up places around the house. No more lugging huge 17 or 22 foot ladders around, trying to maneuver them around inside a house without knocking anything over or breaking anything, having to leave them outside unsecured, or trying to fit them in or on vehicles. This ladder will go wherever you need it to go, and fit in just about every vehicle.

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