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Product Review – Ring Floodlight


Many people utilize flood lights on their home for safety, and to increase visibility outside at night. Security conscious consumers will often opt for motion-sensing flood lights as a great way to be alerted quickly should something come in close proximity to their home, whether it be an animal or an intruder. With the Ring Floodlight Security Camera, consumers can take the next technological leap when it comes to floodlights. This is far beyond your grandfather’s dual 500 watt spotlights. The Ring Floodlight boasts motion sensors, a 1080p HD camera with a 270 degree viewing range to record immediately after something moves in its path, two LED floodlights for illuminating a huge area, a siren alarm, built in Wi-Fi so you can simply connect it with your home internet, and even wirelessly connects to the free Ring Floodlight app which is available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices so you can monitor your home remotely, and be alerted when the motion sensors are tripped. The Ring Floodlight doesn’t take up a huge amount of space either, measuring approximately 10″H x 11″W x 7″L; nor is it very heavy, weighing in at approximately 3 lbs, which is great when it comes to shipping and hanging on the wall of your home. One of the best features, not to take away from all the other high-tech greatness, is the built in two-way talk. This feature is amazing, giving you the ability to not only listen to what is happening when the floodlight motion sensors have been tripped, but also the ability to have a conversation if needed. For example, if you often receive parcel deliveries and your delivery person trips the motion sensor, you’d be able to let them know that you are aware of them and the package they are leaving for you before they even set it down.

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