As an actor and voice-over professional, Matthew is available for many different types of media projects.  His voice has a wide range and can become just the sound you’re looking for.  Matthew is available for on-camera work as well.

Explainer Videos
Feature Films
Imaging / Radio
Impersonations / Impressions
Internet & Web
Jingles & Hooks
Live Action
Medical Narration
Political Spots
Promo & Trailers
Telephony / IVR
Training and Education
Video Games

Professional Dubbing and Voice Over Services

Matthew’s audio production and translation teams work together to localize your script.  This guarantees the voice talent, lip-sync, and translated script accurately capture the nuance, style, and tone of the original file.

Broadcast Production: Looking to translate your radio spot or TV ad? Matthew can provide full audio translation services, from native voice actors to production delivery.  Matthew can also deliver clean audio or mixed files with music and sound effects and is also willing to negotiate buy-out rights with clients.

Cartoon and Character Voiceovers

Narration Production: For audio recordings such as e-Learning materials, audio manuals, in-flight entertainment, documentaries, and more.  All audio translations are timed to on-screen titles and activities.

Delayed Dubbing: Ideal for relaying news in different languages, interviews, or client testimonials. The translated audio is delayed 1-2 seconds after the original audio file.  The UN uses this type of voice-overs during their sessions.

IVR and Telephone Messaging: Voice mail recordings, phone greetings, marketing messages – all delivered for any type of phone system. We can also translate, and record prompts used for IVR (interactive voice response) systems.  Multilingual IVR phone systems can reduce the cost of hiring in-language phone operators and can help make routing calls more efficient.  Matthew can review the IVR script to ensure the structure will work in the target language, and he can also translate the text and provide fully finished voice files for immediate use.

Video Translation:  Matthew will locate and work with native translators with voice-over experience in the industry of your project – online video content, infomercials, anime, movies, TV series, training videos, video games, etc. Matthew has extensive experience translating and dubbing videos used for e-Learning and corporate training videos.

Why hire Matthew for professional voice over work?

If you need English or high-quality foreign language voice recording, hiring Matthew to do both the script translation and voice over has immediate advantages.  Let’s take Spanish as an example.  Spanish is spoken around the world.  There is a difference in both the Spanish terminology and the accent used in Latin American Spanish compared to Spanish spoken in Spain, for example.  Matthew will ensure that the Spanish voice over work completed is appropriate for your target market.  Whether that’s Puerto Rico, Latin America, Spain, or anywhere else, Matthew can match the work to the target location. Targeting more than one area?  No problem.  Matthew can work with native translators with the most neutral accent for the intended locations.

When it comes to the script, Matthew can translate your text with voice over in mind.  This is critical to ensure text expansion is limited.  Without this step, Romance languages like Spanish and French will increase by 25-30% in length.  The native translators that Matthew works with will help to ensure the translation will work for lip syncing and dubbing.  If you’ve already translated the script, or it does not require translation, Matthew can also work with native translators to review the text for any cultural issues to avoid potential miscommunications.  The process Matthew uses includes in-language QA to ensure there are no mistakes in pronunciation or issues with the target language accent.

Why choose Matthew for your dubbing projects?

Unlike most translation agencies, Matthew does not farm out voice work to a voice over agency.  Matthew has a list of his own engineers, talent, and studios to draw from and handles the work in house.  Matthew’s voice work stands out because he pays attention to the small details.  These include culture-specific references, style, the intended audience, and other details that can impact the final product.  Matthew’s voice-over translation and dubbing are always intended to be linguistically, culturally, and contextually accurate in your target language.  Matthew always sets out to succeed in maintaining the integrity of the original content so that it sounds natural to your target audience.

FAQ About My TV Commercial Voiceover Service

Q: What am I getting for my money?
A: When you book me to voice for you, you’re not just paying for my voiceover, but the reassurance that it will be broadcast quality with no erroneous room noises for you to have to worry about.

Q: Will I have to edit or do anything to the voiceover?
A: Unless you’re a producer or prefer me to send you the raw file, you can be assured that I’ll edit my read for you, so you receive a finished, high-quality file.

Q: How long will my voiceover take?
A: I pride myself on a fast turnaround and will always endeavor to send you back your file within 24 hours.

Q: I’m not entirely sure how to explain the voice, character or style I need, can you help?
A: Of course! I’m more than happy to chat over the phone with you your requirements and won’t hit record until we’re both happy that I’ll be voicing in the style that suits your read or character.

Q: Can I be directed during the recording?
A: Yes! If you prefer to listen in to the recording process and direct me, then I’m available on Skype and Zoom.  I’m also happy to travel to studios for sessions if the expenses are paid.

Q: Do you charge for revisions?
A: Any mistakes made by me will be corrected free of charge.  Any script changes that occur after I have sent my recording will have to be charged. The fee will depend on the length of the read and number of changes.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: Upon receiving your voiceover, you’ll also receive my invoice.  My terms are one half of the estimated total cost up front, and then the remaining funds upon completion of the work.  I am able to accept Venmo Payments, Check Payments, Direct Bank Transfer, Direct Deposit, and PayPal.